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’twas a dark and stormy night…

Actually, it was around 9am on a Thursday, and I have no idea what the weather was like. But it might as well have been a dark, stormy night because I was born with a dark heart and a darker soul.

We all are.

Even my parents and two, sweet, wonderful brothers!

Just recently, I heard a story about a professor at a Bible College somewhere in Dubuque, Iowa. Apparently, anytime that he is around a newborn baby he will fight his way through the coo-ing, clucking masses and gaze quietly at the child for a minute or two before saying:

Oooo, what a dirty, rotten little sinner you are!

Needless to say, he bears more scars than your average Bible College professor. I assume he does, anyway – I’ve never counted the scars on any Bible College professor, but I’m sure at least some US Taxpayer’s money has been put to good use and there is a detailed report on this very issue filed away by the NSA.

But he’s absolutely right.

We are all spiritually dead when we are born. Now, if this was a theology section of my blog, I might start talking about how all babies and young children that sadly die before the age of accountability and awareness of their ability to choose between right and wrong and perhaps before they have consciously rejected God for the first time will probably go to heaven when they die. But it isn’t, so I won’t.

(It’s OK if you didn’t understand that sentence. I actually did sneak in some theology, and that is supposed to be written in convoluted, run on sentences. Just ask St. Paul or J N Darby.)

Instead, I will start telling the story of my life.

So there I was. Impossibly cute, and the third son of three to a first son of three. My Mother has no siblings.

There were no more children after me. Well, my parents didn’t have any more anyway. I assume other families continued the process, but one look at me told my parents that their quiver was full. I stubbornly stick to the story that they knew they couldn’t improve on perfection, but fewer and fewer people seem to buy it.

I was a very cute baby, though. Here’s a picture to prove it (assuming I can work out how to insert one inside a blog – first time I’ve tried this, so stand back…)

Me as a baby

That’s probably enough for the first post in this corner of my blog, don’t you think?

Don’t be fooled, though….

Dark heart, darker soul.


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