To Him Draw Near

Years ago the Word became blood
And dwelt on this cursed earth.
The mystery of God in human form –
Truth and lies around Christ swarm.
What is it about His humble birth
that is always so misunderstood?

The Truth is clearly shown to all:
“For God so loved the world
that He gave His only begotten Son”.
So why do we hide, turn, run –
knots of fear within us deeply curled?
We stumble into the dark, and fall.

Our eyes were made to see the Light
but no strings are being pulled
to force our gaze upon the One who shines.
Free will we have – choice defines
us. But by our sin we become lulled
and grow weary of the daily fight…

We forget the victory’s been won!
“He who is in you is
greater than he who is in the world”. King
Jesus is on His Throne! Sing
troubled hearts! He was born; lived, died – this
we know… But He arose, His job done!

So turn away from doubt and fear
and seek the Morning Star!
The Word became baby and man for you,
Offered flesh and blood for you…
Jesus has already gone as far
as Hell to save you. To Him draw near.

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